1. Hello,

    to keep you updated about the creation process of Faithful 4096×4096:
    We’ve already done 62% of the pack. It seems that we are ready for publishing it in October.

    Have a nice day

  2. I love this pack, so Im going to make a 512×512 version out of it. due the cc licensing i will mention the creators. You can then also feel free to use this in your very own pack creation, just please make sure to then include my name In the opening post on several minecraft sites

  3. Is there any chance of a pre- release for the completed textures? Me and a lot of my friends are very excited for this release as we do cinematographic renders in minecraft and love your resource pack. We would love to overwrite the current x64 textures with some of the x4096 textures and try it out!

    • 4096 X 4096 pixels the normal minecraft textures are 16 x 16
      4096 X 4096 is also knows as ultra real minecraft (sorry if it sounds stupid i didnt invent the name)

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